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Car Seat Safety Tips

Car Seat Safety Tips

Car Seat Safety Tips


BabySupermarket’s word of the week is Car Seat.

Car seats are a must have when you have a baby.  You can not leave the hospital with a baby unless you have one.  Do you know when car seats were invented?  Car Seats actually  started being manufactured in the 1930’s, but the purpose was not for safety merely for boosting the child up so the driver could see them when riding in the car.  It wasn’t until the 1960’s that car seats were manufactured with the safety of the child in mind.

Early Car Seat Designs In 1962, two different designed car seats appeared.  One in the U.S., which was designed by  an Aurora, Colorado business owner Lenard Rivikin and the other  by Jean Ames of  Britain  who designed a rear-facing car seat.  Lenard Rivkin decided after a minor crash,  which sent  his 3 year told to the dash-board of his car that canvas sacks hanging over the  passenger  seat of the car just were no longer safe.  He derived his design from a L shaped  steel seat  that kept the child buckled in.  Ames had a little different idea with his design, which was a rear-facing seat that had a Y-shaped strapping system.

Combi Coccoro Car Seat

Both of these designers helped bring to life to a problem and gave birth to a solution.  Now in the U.S. there are laws dealing with child safety restraints in cars.  There are over 100 different car seats on the market today.  All offering different features to keeping your bundle of joy safe.

Things to keep in mind when shopping for one is the age and weight of your child, the safety of the seat, and which seat best fits your child.   The safest seat is not only the seat that fits your child but fits your car.  These factors are never considered when researching the purchase of your car seat.   Buying used car seats are frowned upon in the retail world.  Reasons are all child safety seats have an expiration date, car seats that have been involved in car accidents are unstable and some manufactured car seat have been recalled.  Be aware of those things when buying a used car seat.  Remember the car seat is what you are relying on to carry your precious cargo in the car make sure it is the right seat for you child and it is properly installed.  If you have questions call your nearest retail store or come by to visit their trained specialist.


We are Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving Day and we wanted to take a quick second to share what we are thankful for.  You have seen it on Facebook; the days of thankfulness where you share each day what you are thankful for, but we can sum it up with one. We are thankful for our customers.

Being a baby and toy store we share all the special moments with our customers.   We are there when our customers first walk in the doors with news that they are expecting.  We assist our customers and show them all their options in purchasing a crib, rocker, bedding and nursery decor.  We laugh with them when they come in to registering for strollers, car seats, bottles and other baby needs that they didn’t know they needed.   We are right there at the moment when baby arrives and dad is running by to get last-minute items on the way home from the hospital.

We have also shared sad times with our customers.  We have held their hands and cried with them when things didn’t work out.  Then we have shared tears of joy when that same family returns expecting again.

Our customers are special to us.  We  have seen them through from birth to when they bring their once babies in to the store to adopt their first Lee Middleton Baby or pick out their first Thomas the Train set.   We have had original BabySupermarket babies come back with their grown up babies to pick out their grandchildren’s nursery items.

Today on Thanksgiving Day, we are thankful for you our customers.  We thank you for letting us share in the most important moments of your life from coming in excited that you are expecting to coming in years later to pick out your first grandchild’s rocking chair for Christmas.  Please take today to be thankful, don’t think about all the hustle and bustle of Black Friday.  Take the full day to enjoy your family.   Then tomorrow at 9:30 come by and see us.  We will be open and ready to help you with all your baby and toy needs.

Happy Thanksgiving from our Babysupermarket Family!


Unleashing Leachco

Leachco is a company founded by Clyde and Jamie Leach.  This dynamic couple took a near tragic event involving a faulty high chair restraint and turned it into a mission to bring safety to the minds of all parents.   From their first patented idea, the Wiggle Wrap to an inventions like the Snoogle, Prop-O and the Safer Bather.  The Leach’s believe in innovated product with safety and convenience in mind.  This USA Company has grown over the years to include nearly 100 products.

The Wiggle Wrap the Leach’s first patented product, has involved into several safety harnesses used to keep a child restrained in anything from shopping buggies to chairs.   The brainstorm began from putting together dental floss as thread and an old dishtowel.  This same simple concept to restrain a child from climbing or wiggling out of a seat shows that safety is in the mind of this company.  It is involved in a safety on the go line that includes the Ride N Stride, Booster Belt, Prop and Pockets Seat Wrap and the Wrap Strap.

The Snoogle, another one of the Leach’s popular ideas makes getting comfortable nights sleep when pregnant easier.  This product also involved to more product with mom’s comfort at heart.  Now several products provide comfort to moms. The Snoogle has been featured on programs such as the CBS Early Show and The Ellen Show.  In addition, the Snoogle is backed by celebrities like Hilaria Baldwin, who says it is an essential item and doesn’t leave home without it.

Leachco’s product line is endless.  The Leach’s have developed two new product lines in the past few years PreemieSmart, which are products dedicated to the uniqueness of preemies  and OrganicSmart, which are products made from 100% Organic Cotton.   Keeping the consumers wants and needs in mind; Leachco is taking the world by storm.

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Safer Bumpers created by Nurture Imagination

Bumper pads have been getting a bad rap for a few years.  The experts say don’t use them because they can causeNurture Imagination Company, Nurture Imagination Crib Bedding, Nurture Imagination Air Flow Bumper suffocation, they prevent proper air flow in the crib, and the ties are  choking hazards.  The American Academy of Pediatrics says, “Bare is Best”.   Parents who do still use  bumper pads in the crib say the reason they do is they do not want their newborn to suffer injury    to themselves.  Limbs being caught between the bars of cribs could cause them to dislocate or  break.   This group of parents fully believe in having bumper pads in their baby’s crib and so does a  company called Nurture Imaginations.

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Nurture Imagination created bumper pads for their crib bedding sets  with the Safe Sleep Standards in Mind.  Their bumpers are not as thick as traditional bumpers.   One of the things recommended is to avoid is pillow like bumpers, Nurture Imagination crib bumpers are less than 1 1/2 inches thick and come in four separate sections.   Nurture also designed their bumper pads with a patented  Air Flow system.  Each bumper has air flow holes in the lower half of the bumper to prevent  the re-breathing of carbon dioxide and suffocation.   Nurture Imagination’s bumpers have been extensively  tested including the suffocation test and exceed all of safety standards for crib bumper pads.

Nurture Imagination Crib Bedding Elephant Jubilee, Elephant Jubilee crib bedding, Nurture Imagination Crib Bedding  Safety is what is on the mind of founder Marcia Graham and co-founder Michael Shabtai.   Marcia  Graham has been in the baby business for 20 years and Michael founder of The Rug Market  combine to design a fresh new baby decor.  Their goal is simple parents with new innovated,  significant designs that encourage the growth and development of their little ones.  They have not  stopped with their patented Air Flow Crib Bumper they will continue to use their imagination to  design safer products.


Something New Coming from Fisher Price

Fisher Price is joining forces with Bivona & Company!

Who is Bivona & Company you might ask?  Bivona & Company is a new furniture company founded by Larry Bivona who has 40 years of juvenile experience and was also the founder of one of the most successful nursery furniture companies in the business.

Now you might be wonder why is Fisher Price is joining forces with Bivona & Company?  Well to bring to you the best quality affordable and top designed nursery furniture in the business.

What makes this line of nursery furniture special?

  • In 2011, drop-side cribs were banned from being manufactured due to movable parts breaking and causing danger to the baby.  Bivona & Company have designed a crib that is adjustable height for easy access to best fit the mommy.

Fisher Price Adjustablt Height, Easy Access, adjustable height,

  • Personalization of your baby crib.  Each crib has a plaque that says it was made especially for your little one.
  • Affordable pricing on convertible cribs, case pieces and changing tables.  All ready to be assembled.

We hope we have perked your interest, but in the event we haven’t; take a visit to our website to view all the new collections by Fisher Price.

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Size4Me Convertible Car Seats, What’s the Scoop?

The Graco Size4Me Car Seats have been flying off our store shelves and out of the warehouse since we got them in stock at the beginning of this month.  So we wanted to share the scoop about the Graco Size4Me Convertible Car Seat.

  1. The Size4Me Convertible Car Seat supports an infant in the rear-facing position from 4 to 40 pounds and toddlers in the forward-facing position from 20 to 70 pounds.
  2. Graco Size4Me Car Seat has been tested in rigorous crash test, which the Size4Me Car Seat meets or exceeds the U.S. safety standards.
  3. The Graco Size4Me was also tested in side impact test.  The side-impact test tested for the retention of the child’s harness system.
  4. The Size4Me includes a Simple Safe Adjust Harness System, which makes it simple to adjust the harness with one hand, instead of re-threading the harness belts.
  5. This car seat has an exclusive In Right one-second LATCH attachment  system.
  6. Size4Me Convertible Car Seat has EPS energy absorbing foam, which effectively manages the energy of impacts during an accident.
  7. This car seat has level indicator for clearer installation of the seat.
  8. The Size4Me has a 5 Point, adjustable harness and 2-buckle position for growing toddlers.
  9. The Graco Size4Me keeps baby needs in mind with removable head and body support and built-in cup holder to keep baby’s cup at reach.
  10. Lastly, this convertible car seat is easy to clean with wipe off to wipe off parts and machine washable padding.

These revealing points explain why the Graco Size4Me Convertible Car Seats is becoming one of our stores best-selling car seat with an affordable sale price of $169.99.

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